Dinner Defenders

Food is flying everywhere in the spectacular Dinner Defenders game! Join this incredible adventure, and help SpongeBob and Gary protect the patty recipe!

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About Dinner Defenders Game

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There's trouble in the kitchen in the exciting Dinner Defenders game! SpongeBob and Gary need your assistance at the Krusty Krab! Grab your cooking apron and prepare to protect the kitchen!

For Thanksgiving, Mr. Krabs has perfected his recipe for the beloved Krusty Patty! Everybody adores this new culinary invention, but some of the under-water characters have different plans with it! Plankton and his cousins have put their minds to steal the famous recipe.

However, SpongeBob and Gary have other opinions and are trying to save the situation! They need your assistance to ensure the operation is going smoothly! Grab your weapon of choice and start shooting food at your enemies!

How to Play

You have to protect the patty by using the buttons on your keyboard! SpongeBob and Gary began looking for the criminals, and your job is to aim at them! Along your path, you will encounter many of Plankton's evil cousins, so you need to focus and keep your calm!

SpongeBob is armed with a shooting gun that throws food at his enemies! Anyway, keep in mind that each enemy requires a different number of shootings to die! So use your mouse to aim at your adversary, and press Spacebar to shoot your weapon! 

You also need to travel across the seafloor in search of more opponents! Use the Right and Left keys to direct your characters! Keep in mind that Gary is a lot slower and cannot always keep up! When you run out of ammunition, make sure to enter the random houses and recharge your gear! To enter, press the Up arrow and to exit the houses, press the Down arrow!

Tips and Tricks

When the robots are defeated, you get a certain amount of clams that can be used later to your advantage! Make sure you collect as many of them for the best results! However, take care not to lose Gary's energy, as the game stops after that! You can keep count on stamina levels by looking at the taps in the left corner of the screen! 

After every level that you complete, you can choose to continue playing or go to the shop! There you can buy more ammo or snail food that will help you in your future adventures! You can also purchase new weapons that will strengthen SpongeBob chances at winning! To switch between the acquired weapons, press the Z key!

Although things can get troublesome once more enemies start appearing, you need to keep your calm and fight on! SpongeBob has to protect this fantastic recipe, and you are his best chance at winning this confrontation!