Snail Park

Grow your own snail farm in the Snail Park game! Build your own garden, play with the snails, and collect pictures of the most exotic, rarest species!

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Ever watched Spongebob Squarepants and dreamed about having your very own snail farm? Well, now you can, in the Snail Park game! They come in all shapes and sizes, and they are very gentle and caring creatures too. You should take this opportunity to study them better and learn all about their behavior and hobbies.

You can create your themed park and decorate it as you like! The prettier it looks, the more snails will come to stroll in your garden! Managing your own snail backyard is a daunting job and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Are you up to it?

How to Play

There are plenty of fun activities to do in Snail Park! You can start by making sure that your snails have enough supplies to feed on. Click on the bowl and fill it up with the food of your choice. Some dishes are free, some will require some money. Remember, more expensive food will attract rarer snails.

Now, you can go on to decorating your park and playing around with the snails. There is the Home menu at the top right corner of the screen. You can see your total Coins, the Pause button, and the Chest icon, that stores all of your items and goods.

You can add items or buy decorations by clicking on the Coins icon. Some are free of charge, you simply need to click to unlock them. You can then drag and drop the item in an open spot in your park. They will be highlighted and signaled so that you won’t cram the park with goods.

There’s a wide variety of decorations that you can choose from. Garden flowers to freshen up the landscape. Painting supplies and pianos for the more artistic snails. Bicycles for the sporty ones. Should you want to get more luxurious items, you can unlock them after you gather the required amount of money. Go ahead and have fun decorating!

You should also know… 

Now, if a snail comes and drops by to visit your park, you need to make sure he or she gets the best services! You can see what fun activities they want to do by the icon that pops up above their heads. You can then choose the item from your Chest section and play with them.

Do they want a photo? Click on the Camera to take it! The picture will be added to your Snail Trail catalog for each new species that enter your park. Here you can collect pages and pages of different species of snails. Once you’ve discovered one, you can see all their specifications, including their favorite food, name of the species, and how generous their rewards are. You can access the Snail Trail from the Pause menu.

What are rewards, you wonder? Well, the park can’t go on by itself. To earn coins and expand your garden, you will need to take good care of your customers. For each happy snail that leaves your park satisfied, you will get one, two, or even three coins for your services, depending on how generous the snail is. You can then gather the money by clicking on it and spend it on upgrading your park.

In your Chest, you will also find some combing tools, including a furry brush for the snails that need a little touch-up, or a watering can, which you can use to water your garden.

Now that you know how to play go ahead and have fun!