Fang in There

Are you ready for the scariest Halloween journey in the Fang in There game? Help SpongeBob flee Patrick’s quest for more candy, and save their friendship!

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About Fang in There Game

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With all the Halloween candy around, Patrick has gone wild in the Fang in There game. Costumed as a vampire, the pink Starfish has the sugar rush and keeps stealing SpongeBob's sweets. Are you capable of keeping the two buddies apart from each other, so they don't destroy all the candy?

Halloween Fever has reached Bikini Bottom, and your favorite characters are continually tormenting each other. Patrick, for example, has gone rampant. He already ate all his candy, and now decided to devour all of SpongeBob's. All that sugar has made him forget about sharing. However, his yellow friend is not so happy about it, since he wants to indulge in some chocolate himself.

How to Play

The gameplay is quite straightforward. All you need to do is forbid Patrick to reach SpongeBob, who is trying to outrun him. The characters are running automatically. They are moving across platforms that are placed both on top and bottom of the screen. However, be careful, as those platforms are not the same height.

You will have to use your mouse click or the Spacebar key to make SpongeBob jump from one floor to another. Take great care since Patrick mirrors the movements of his yellow friend.

If your character gets stuck against the side of one of the uneven floors, Patrick will catch him and eat some of his candy. This will cause the player to lose one of the three lives that are given. To set your character free before this happens, press the Spacebar to move on to another platform.

Tricks or Treats

Look out for open gaps that will appear between parts of the stages. If your character falls in one of those, you will lose one life. To avoid such thing from happening, press the Left mouse click or the Spacebar to move to a complete section of the floor.

Also, beware of the spooky ghosts that appear from time to time to spice things up! If touched, they will make things harder for SpongeBob. This will add one extra jump, and cobwebs will appear on the screen, making things harder to see. The spirits also make the game go faster, which will complicate SpongeBob's try to get rid of Patrick.

Get ready for the most frightening adventure you will ever experience. This game will take you through different levels to become a true competitor to Patrick, and save SpongeBob's candy. Be vigilant and careful, surpass the obstacles you encounter on the road, beware of ghosts, and keep the spirit of Halloween intact!