Sudoku of the Sponge

Play the Sudoku of the Sponge and find seats for Krusty Krab clients! Place numbers in tables and avoid repetition in rows or columns to solve the puzzle!

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About Sudoku of the Sponge Game

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Find seats for everyone in the popular Krusty Krab restaurant in the Sudoku of the Sponge game! SpongeBob's workspace is packed with clients, all hungry for the Krabby Patties! However, there are limited seats, and it's up to SpongeBob to find a place for everyone! Will you be able to keep everything in order and get everyone a good space?

Your goal in this game is to place numbers in the provided tables and avoid having them in the same column or row! You cannot miss this game if you're a fan of the original game of Sudoku! Give the SpongeBob SquarePants version a try and test your skills!

How to Play

You can use your keyboard or mouse to find seats for all the clients at Krusty Krab! Select a square and type in a number, or click and drag one of the fish holding the number card to the space! However, the numbers must not be on the same row or column to solve the puzzle! Some numbers are locked in from the beginning to provide guidance or add difficulty!

You can choose your difficulty level and challenge yourself every time! There's an increased number of tables and squares with each different stage. For example, the Easy level only has four spaces to fill. In contrast, the Hard level has nine, automatically making it harder for you to keep track of your rows and columns.

If things get a bit too difficult, you can always use the buttons at the top of your screen! Since there is a timer, you're allowed to use the Pause button and take a break. If you need reassurance that you're on the right path, you can click How Am I Doing? and check if your answers are correct. You can also solve everything at once by pressing the Autosolve button!

Now that you know all the tricks, can you solve the puzzle and bring peace to the Krusty Krab clients? Time to show off your skills!