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Play SpongeBob SquarePants Lost in Time: Dunces and Dragons | NuMuKi
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About Dunces and Dragons Game

Get ready for a fantastic medieval experience with the Dunces and Dragons game. Your favorite SpongeBob avatars are set to conquer the world in this new game. Somehow, they figured out how to travel back in time. However, walking through historical periods, they remained stuck in the Medieval Age. Now, they have to get used to the times and protect the Princess.

For this, your assistance is pivotal, so make sure you are there for your buddies. Help the characters from Bikini Bottom save the Princess, and be their hero! Moreover, make sure you have the time of your life and complete the tasks faithfully!

How to play the game

To play, you must choose your avatar from the four characters exposed on the screen. Sir SpongeBob, Sir Patrick, Squidly Tentacles (Medieval Squidward), or the Dark Knight (Medieval Sandy) are waiting for you to team up with them. You can choose between playing with one character, or with two!

Every character has a unique special ability that you can use to increase their chances of winning. So here are your options:
•    SpongeBob gains temporary invincibility
•    Patrick has a ranged water attack
•    Squidward freezes time with his music
•    Sandy has a powerful attack that instantly defeats any enemy she comes in contact with.

The game provides two playing modes. You will use the following arrows: Left/Up/Right, to navigate in the single-player mode, and Enter to activate a special power.  For the two-players way, you shall use S, E, F keys for movement, and the Spacebar for awakening a unique ability.

The primary game objective is to bump into the other flying knights to defeat them. Make sure you have a higher position compared to them, to ensure your win. If one bump is not enough to make them disappear, hit them multiple times! Be careful, if one of your opponents has the upper hand, you will lose energy.

Tips and Tricks

If you defeat a rival, some sort of bonus will appear in their place. Hurry and pick up the gifts, or other enemies will appear instead. For every bonus you collect, you will get points. Depending on the color of the stars that appear as bounties, you can get 250, 500, or 700 points.

The same goes for every adversary you debacle. However, benefits vary depending on if you only hurt the opponent, or you destroy it.

From time to time, you will see a giant jellyfish flying around the screen. Be vigilant, and keep your distance. If you touch it, you will lose all your lives on the spot.  As mentioned before, Sandy has a power that defeats any enemy, including a jellyfish. Take advantage of this and exterminated the evil creature!

At the end of every round, a match will take place, including only the characters from Bikini Bottom. Make sure you defeat your friends for an extra life. Take care, since if you get hit enough, you will lose a life.

Provided that you play alone or in two, this adventure game will bring lots of fun experiences. Take a step into the past and help build an empire. Duel with the warriors of the age, and help save the Princess. New and old times merge in the form of a tournament between knights! This game will provide you with everything that you ask for in an adventure, and even more!

Game Details and Stats

Dunces and Dragons is an excellent SpongeBob game that you can play on NuMuKi for free. It has been added to our website on Friday, November 22, 2019. The game has been played 3213 times so far and has received a rating of 78 / 100 from a total of 68 user votes, 53 likes and 15 dislikes. Dunces and Dragons uses Flash technology to be compatible with most browsers. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, having the width of 900px and the height of 675px. If you enjoy playing Dunces and Dragons, you might be excited finding out that there are 134 more SpongeBob games you can try! The most popular is Super Brawl 3: Good Vs. Evil and the most recently added is Nick Baseball Stars

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