Kitchen EnCOUNTer

Play the Kitchen EnCOUNTer game and show SpongeBob your impressive counting skills! Count every patty he flips in the air and type in the correct answer!

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Let SpongeBob show off his flipping talent and test your counting skills in the Kitchen EnCOUNTer game! Watching SpongeBob work the grill for the delicious Krabby Patties is always exciting! He can flip, turn and fry every meat patty to perfection. However, with that many customers the restaurant gets every day, he needs to prove the numbers are just as good! Can you keep up with SpongeBob's flipping frenzy?

Your job in this game is to pay attention to SpongeBob's flying patties, count them and then type in the correct number each round! You are about to witness the fastest patty flipper in Bikini Bottom, so try keeping your eyes peeled and count right! No pressure, but the grumpy Squidward is watching!

How to Play

The smell of the delicious patties might be a bit of a distraction, but that's okay because you'll need your eyes and mouse to play this game! Count each meat patty as SpongeBob flips them in the air, then click on the correct number at the end of each round!

As you advance through the rounds, SpongeBob will get faster and flip more and more patties! Sometimes, even two at once. Try your hardest to keep track of the number and type it into the calculator! If you get the amount wrong, it will be game over, and you'll have to start again! But don't get discouraged, as SpongeBob will happily flip the patties for you!

Sometimes, you might accidentally omit to count some patties thanks to the obstacle in the way, namely Squidward! Although it doesn't happen too often, SpongeBob's meat patty hits the octopus' nose and fails to go up. In this case, it won't be as noticeable as the rest, so watch the delivery window as much as possible!

Are you ready to impress SpongeBob with your counting skills? With enough luck, you might get a taste of the famous Krabby Patty!