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Play against your favorite Nickelodeon cartoons in the Nick: Basketball Stars game. Catch the ball, run for the hoop, and score a Mega Dunk for your team!

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It's time for the game of the century in the Nick: Basketball Stars game! The Basketball season is open, and the whole Nickelodeon universe is boasting with enthusiasm. Everyone will be there: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sanjay & Craig, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Patrick, as well as many characters from the Legend of Korra, The Loud House, Harvey Beaks.

Your job is to choose and help your favorite cartoon win the Championship. You will have to use your skills and quick thinking to master the game and beat the opposing team. Are you sure you've got what it takes to be the next Basketball star? Let's find out!

How to Play

There are three modes you can choose from: Random Match, Hall of Fame, and Tournament. Once you've selected your favorite cartoon, you can start with a quick tutorial in the Random Match mode and get better acquainted with the game.

You can use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move your character around. You should try to catch the Basketball by running towards it. To jump for the ball or to strike an enemy, use the Up Arrow key. You can press it again in mid-air to do a double jump. You can also attack your opponent and steal the ball by pressing the Spacebar.

Scoring points it's easy: simply get as close as possible to the opposite Basketball hoop and dunk the ball! Now, to do that, use the Up Arrow key to jump (or double jump, it depends) and, when at the level of the hoop, press the Spacebar to score.

Do a Mega Dunk!

As the game progresses, the Basketball power up at the top left corner of the page will slowly charge up. Once it's completely fueled, you can do a Mega Dunk. 

The same rules apply, but the Mega Dunk can be done from the opposite side of the field as well (you don't have to be near the hoop), and it will also bring you more points.

You can see your score at the top of the page, on the electrical board. A regular hit will get you two points, while a Mega Dunk will add three points to your team. The first team to score 21 points wins the match.

If your teammate has the ball, there are ways of helping him/her as well. A tip would be to attack the other players on the field so that they don't steal the ball.

Go on Tournament and win rewards in the Hall of Fame!

Once you've warmed up and learned the basics, you can go on and become a Basketball master in Tournament mode. Each level will bring a different cartoon to play against. Work your way through the list of opponents and get to the top of the charts.

In the Hall of Fame, you can see your character's stats. Click on each of them to see how many matches you've won with them, how many dunks and Mega Dunks you've scored, and many other characteristics. As you keep on playing, you will be able to unlock more and more cartoons and characters.

You can also download posters with your favorite cartoons in Hall of Fame and use them for your desktop. To unlock a wallpaper, you must first win against that team with at least on Mega Dunk. So keep on playing until you beat your favorite cartoon!

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