Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare

Try Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare game to help the cashier of the Krusty Krab put off every hazard! How many casseroles can you extinguish before they fall?

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About Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare Game

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There is a hazard in the kitchen! The casseroles are on fire in Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare game, and the only person that can stop this mess is the cashier of the Krusty Krab! Can you lend Squidward a helping hand and make sure he puts out every fire?

Your job is to try to extinguish every burning casserole coming on the conveyors! However, there are loads of fires to put out, so your reflexes should be razor sharp! Do you think you can manage the job and keep the restaurant safe?

How to Play

Because this is an emergency, the controls are as easy as possible. You only need to hover your mouse around to move Squidward. When you see a burning casserole coming, use the Left Click to shoot your extinguisher and put the fire out! Sound's pretty easy, doesn't it?

Your job is to keep any burning casserole from falling off the three conveyors. However, as you advance, the number of incoming fires will increase. They will also be closer together, so you will have to move and shoot as fast as possible. At the same time, if you manage to put off loads of fires, you will win more points!

Lastly, you will lose a health point if you make a mistake and a casserole falls. If this happens three times, you will lose the game! But you can always try again to see if you can beat your last high score! Your runs might become endless if your reflexes are on point!

Are you ready to help Squidward put off every burning casserole? Grab your fire extinguisher, and let's get started before the whole Krusty Krab burns down! The Bikini Bottom can't be the same without the delicious Krabby Patties!