Bikini Bottom Checkers

Play the Bikini Bottom Checkers game and knock your opponent's pieces off the board! Move your pawns and capture others until you're the only one left!

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About Bikini Bottom Checkers Game

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Defeat and knock your opponent off the board in the Bikini Bottom Checkers game! Patrick and SpongeBob entered a friendly competition and can't wait to capture each other's pieces! You cannot miss this funky version of the classic Checkers if you're a fan of the original board game! Who will win the round, and who will lose all their pieces?

Your goal in this game is to move your pieces around the board while jumping over your opponent's and capturing them! Every move is crucial! If you play this game right, you can obtain victory in just a few smooth moves! Time to show off your impressive skills!

How to Play

Move the pieces in diagonal lines just by using your trusty mouse! Click on the chip you want to move, choose either the Left or Right path for it, and drag it to the spot! Try to make your way to the other end of the board. Don't forget to destroy as many of your opponent's pieces as possible!

Avoid leaving your pieces unprotected by always having a chip behind the ones you advance, or your opponent will capture them! The pawns will vibrate whenever a nearby chip is vulnerable, so pay attention! You can even capture multiple pieces in a row if there are spaces between them!

When your pieces reach the opposite end of the game board, they gain new powers! Each special chip will be able to move backward and capture the simple ones from behind! If you don't know where your pawns can go, the spaces become highlighted in green once you select them!

Are you ready to claim victory and become the best Checkers player around Bikini Bottom? Let's see if you can outsmart your opponent!