Spongebob's Gone Missing

Join fearful Patrick in the SpongeBob's Gone Missing game, and find his beloved companion. Are you brave enough to confront all the dangers on the ship?

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Halloween has never been more exciting than in the SpongeBob's Gone Missing game. Spooky season is back and has never been better. Gather your courage, and help your friends from Bikini Bottom to find SpongeBob. You will embark on an adventure that will keep you on your toes!

The square-panted character has gone missing on the Flying Dutchman's ship. His beloved friend Patrick is very concerned, so he goes on a searching adventure to locate his buddy. However, he is quite confused and afraid since it is Halloween, and all kinds of spirits are out to play. He needs your assistance while exploring this dangerous territory.

How to Play

The gameplay is quite straightforward. Your avatar will be Patrick, and your responsibility is to guide him around. Since everything is so tightly put together, and dimply lighted, SpongeBob is hard to locate. Dictate the direction in which the Starfish should go, and be on your guard, as many obstacles will interfere with your mission.

When you first start playing the game, Patrick will be at the bottom of the ship. You have to aid him in reaching its deck and search there too. Thus, he will have to go up lots of stairs.

With every level he passes, Patrick will advance to another part of the ship.  Use the Right and Left arrow keys to point in which direction Patrick should run. Jump with the Up arrow to reach a higher spot.

Your journey will not be this simple. As mentioned, ghosts are out of the underground, tormenting everyone around. However, Patrick is armed with a flashlight that will scare them back into hiding. To activate the power, press Spacebar, or the Z key.

Be careful, though. Patrick only gets three lives and will lose them if the ghosts touch him. Also, the flashlight can only be used three times before charging.

Tips and Tricks

While exploring the ship, you will see many gold coins left around the paths. Collect them all, and become the master of the game. It won't be easy, so be as vigilant and attentive as possible. Nevertheless, don't forget about your mission and focus on saving SpongeBob!

Moreover, from time to time, Patrick will run low on energy, and he will need a quick recharge. Make sure you spot all the colored pumpkins and collect them in your basket. They will grant Patrick one more life, and through this, one more chance at finding SpongeBob.

To have a more enjoyable experience of the game, be sure to guide Patrick as accurately as possible. His friend is in great need of help in this tricky game, so the Starfish must be very vigilant and attentive to details. Assist him, and become the hero in Bikini Bottom!