Stop the Virus

The Nickelodeon heroes need your help saving the world in the Stop the Virus game! Create the perfect team and defeat the monsters before they reach you!

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About Stop the Virus Game

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If you enjoy a fast-paced action challenge, the Stop the Virus game is made for you! It seems like an army of viruses have come out of an infected cellphone! Join some of your favorite Nickelodeon friends from shows like SpongeBob, The Loud House, or Power Rangers Ninja Steel! It's time to be brave and defeat the enemies!

This is a classic action game in which your main goal is to fight the waves of viruses coming at you! Create the perfect team and shoot towards the evil monsters! Get ready cause you will deal with all sorts of scary enemies! Are you prepared to fight along with your heroes?

How to Play 

Before jumping into the challenge, you will have to form up a team! To see each character's stats, you will have to click on the icons and choose! To guide your heroes, you can either use the arrow keys or your mouse to move. There's no action you should take for defeating the monsters: the blasters will automatically shoot, so you just have to align your position accordingly.

The game consists of three stages, and the difficulty will increase as you advance! Your job is to defeat the waves of enemies coming at you, along with your chosen sidekick! At the end of the last level, you will face the final boss, so get ready and be brave!

As you keep getting rid of the viruses, some of them will drop coins. They disappear soon after they are dropped, so you should do your best to pick them up! They allow you to upgrade your heroes' skills, so don't forget to use the earned currency! Do your best and gather as much as you can, because you will need hundreds of it!

You will also come across many collectibles and power-ups. The first category will heal your team or reward you with some coins. The second will increase your attack or defend you from the monsters for a limited time. You can equip multiple boosts at the same time, but if you get hit, you lose all of them!

Are you ready to save the world? Create your team and help the Nickelodeon heroes defeat the evil viruses!