Harvey Beaks: Pe-Choo

Join the fun in Harvey Beaks: Pe-Choo game for a high-flying lake adventure! Guide Harvey, Fee, or Foo to collect bugs and create epic splashes.

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About Harvey Beaks: Pe-Choo Game

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Welcome to a splash-tastic world in the Harvey Beaks: Pe-Choo game! Here, Harvey, Fee, and Foo find themselves in a quirky situation – they've been banned from Wetbark Lake! But there's a twist: every time they touch the water, they get catapulted high into the sky. It's an unexpected, bouncy adventure filled with laughter and surprises!

Your exciting role in this game is to help our trio make the most of their lake ban. As they get launched into the air, your job is to guide them to collect as many bugs as possible. The goal? To create the biggest, most epic splash when they land back in the lake. The bigger the splash, the more points you score!

How to Play

Playing is super easy and fun! When you see water bubbles forming in the lake, that's your cue. Click on these bubbles to launch Harvey, Fee, or Foo into the air. As they descend, swipe left and right to help them collect bugs – these bugs are key to making that big splash!

On your way down through the air, keep an eye out for obstacles like tree branches, birds, and big bees. Dodging these will ensure a safe and bug-filled journey down. Each level has a minimum number of bugs you need to collect to progress. The real challenge? Timing your click perfectly to land in the lake when you see the Lake Spirit.

Here's a little secret: the perfect landing makes a huge difference – practice your timing to hit the water just right for maximum points!

Ready to help Harvey, Fee, and Foo make the biggest splashes ever? Let's jump in and start collecting those bugs for an epic lake adventure!