Rabbids Rhythm

Dance to your favorite Nickelodeon songs in the Rabbids Rhythm game! Listen to the music, tap on the notes, and finish the concert to unlock more content!

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About Rabbids Rhythm Game

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Rave to the rhythm of your favorite Nickelodeon songs in the Rabbids Rhythm game! The wacky alien creatures of the Rabbids series have a new plan to take over the world. They want to become huge rockstars and conquer every city! Can you help them achieve this goal?

This catchy rhythm game is the perfect opportunity to show off your talent! Listen to famous artists like Ariana Grande or Victoria Justice, and make your audience go wild! All you have to do is watch the falling notes and press the corresponding number when they touch the circles. Doesn't that sound easy?

How to Play

Help your friends become rockstars while paying attention to the musical notes! All you need is a keyboard to hold your virtual concert. Just press the 1, 2, 3, and 4 number keys, and you'll begin to make some cool tunes.

This fun challenge will surely bring out the musician in you! Start off by choosing your preferred mode: city tour or free play. After that, you can go to an area and reach the venue. Your concert will then start any minute!

When the music begins, you can take it slow for a while, so you can get used to the challenge. You must keep an eye on all 4 lanes in case any notes start falling down. Your next step is to tap the corresponding key at the right time, and you will earn some points. That's very straight-forward, isn't it?

The more perfect hits you earn, the higher your score will be! Depending on your performance, you will receive some stars as a reward. You have 3 concerts in each area, so do your best to earn 10 stars and unlock the next location! It will come with new songs and even cooler content!

Are you ready to become a rock legend? Join the Rabbids and make your own band! Listen to music and hit all the right notes to make your audience go wild!