Speed Demon

Race alongside Ninja Turtles on the streets of New York in the Speed Demon Game! Use your skills to avoid obstacles and get to the crime place in time!

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About Speed Demon Game

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A felony has been committed in New York’s suburbs. The Ninja Turtles have been called for help once more in the Speed Demon Game. But the crowded city of New York can be quite tricky to trespass, even for a Ninja Turtle on a Monster Truck. Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

Being used to operating underground, the Turtles have some difficulties getting to their destination this time. Race along the streets, forge your path against New York’s traffic and obstacles and score points along the way. Can you guarantee that they will reach the crime scene before it’s too late?

How to Play

The game is quite straightforward; you will only use the Arrow Keys to control the truck. The city’s roads are divided into two lanes. To switch between them, use the Up Arrow Key, respectively, the Down Arrow Key.

Should the path get obstructed, a warning will appear on the screen in the assigned position. It’s the signal for switching the lane immediately. There is no time for traffic signs when someone’s life is in danger, so bypass them and hurry up. Mind the bricks and debris that has fallen on the roadway as well. Those can seriously slow you down.

Not all things are to be avoided in your race against the clock, though. Collect stars to upgrade Michelangelo, Leonardo or Raphael’s speed and coordination. You can also use them to buy yourself the latest, jaw-dropping equipment for a turbo-charged Monster Truck.

Along with the upgraded vehicle performance, hitting the Speed Boost on the go will also ensure that you’ll arrive at your destination before anyone gets hurt.

Final words

Think you have what it takes to become a Speed Demon? Prove your worth and complete the race in a killer time. Not only will you achieve the Golden Trophy, but you will also unlock the Ultimate Boss: Casey Jones. Once he takes the wheel, make sure not to blink during the race, or you’ll miss it!

Enjoy the gameplay and prove yourself a true friend and a hero to all the citizens of New York City!