Sewer Run

Join an exciting adventure with the TMNT: Sewer Run game! Be as fast as the speed of light, and don't let Leatherhead and the Footbots escape the sewers!

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The most dangerous enemy of the Ninja Turtles is on the loose! Leatherhead chose the sewage system to escape the heroes, but the team knows the sewers best. Play the Sewer Run game and catch the villain before he gets out and makes chaos!

Raph, Don, Mikey, and Leo have to unite their powers once again. Run as fast as you can, avoid all the obstacles, and fight your enemies to earn the highest score! The Ninja team has special tricks up their sleeve, so learn how to use them to your advantage.

Get used to the controllers before you start racing!

You only need the basic controls to manipulate your characters. Press the Left and Right arrow keys to move backward and forward. The Down button will make you slide in narrow passages, while Up will make you jump. The Z button has multiple purposes, depending on the situation you are in. It is a special move that can help you to either jump on a hook and swing, grab walls, destroy rocks, or get a speed boost.

Play with any of your favorite Ninja Turtles members: Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo! You can race in two different modes: Story and Survival. The first one gives you three minutes to complete the challenge and catch Leatherhead! Check the bottom of the screen to see how far you are from your target. 

Things get more complicated as you get farther into the sewers, with more obstacles to slow you down. Watch out for fallen concrete rocks and water, as they slow you down considerably. You can’t use the special move while you’re in the water, so jump before you do. Make sure you don’t stand still too much, because some floors will collapse as soon as you touch them!

If you’re not fast enough, you lose!

Once you reach the alligator, Footbots will come to his aid. You will encounter them multiple times, so be prepared for a bigger number in the following stage! Always keep an eye on your health meter because their Shuriken can harm you. You can either redirect them with Z or avoid them. Catch them to recover the stolen Battle Data Storage Unit!

The Survival mode is considerably easier, as your only goal is to go on with your running. Race as much as you can and see the time you managed to pull at the end! You will have individual results for each character you choose. 

When it comes to your final score, there aren’t any bonuses you can collect. For extra points, you should finish the challenge before the three minutes end or remain with a high health meter.

Run at the speed of light, and don’t let the villains escape without a proper punishment!