Nickelodeon: Kingdoms

Unite all relics in the Nickelodeon: Kingdoms game! Conquer other realms (Spongebob, TMNT, Winx, Breadwinners, and many others) while defending your own!

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The world is at war and divided into nations in the Nickelodeon: Kingdoms game. Each kingdom is the host to its own powerful relic. Winx Girls have their Magic Rose of Courage, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Pizza of Justice, and the Breadwinners the Bread of Bodacity. But there are also other nations, like Sanjay and Craig's territory, the Power Rangers' land and Spongebob's Kingdom.

Legend has it that all these relics can be combined into one, at the Temple of Tremendous Tendency, right at the heart of the continent. But to do that, one must conquer all the other kingdoms and bring all of the six relics together. Are you the one to reunite the empires and bring peace once and for all in this world?

Know your army!

Before you adventure into battle, it's best to know your troops well. There are different types of units and warriors, as well as defense towers that you can use to attack or to protect your realm.

Your units are composed of Troopers, that are basic fighters, Mechanics, and Knights. Mechanics are specialized in disabling towers using science, and the Knights are stronger, more skilled armed warriors. There are also Ninjas that can sneak behind your enemy's walls.

Now for the towers, each of them comes with its own special powers.  Walls are there to block the enemy units from passing and slow them down. Barracks can be used as a respawn point for your troops.

Charge towers store all the magic in the kingdom and release it in a shock wave when needed. Shooter points are the backbone of any defense lines, equipped with warriors that will fire at the enemy. And finally, the Pulse Towers that will blast all enemy units nearby.

Defend your realm!

Your kingdom will be your home base. The purpose of the game is to conquer all the other nations and bring together the six relics. But before you can attack any realm, you must first learn to defend yours.

You can choose your fortifications from the menu in the left bottom corner. It's advisable to start by building some defense Walls and then go for Shooter points. Once you've made up your mind, drag and drop the item on the kingdom's map using the Mouse.

The invaders will keep on coming and destroy your walls, so be careful! You can see a 'Lifespan' bar above each of your walls. If you want to fortify your existing towers, you can do that by choosing the Upgrade option form the menu.

Each new defense line or Upgrade will cost you some money, though. You can see your available coins at the top of the page. For each enemy that your units bring down, you will be rewarded a fair amount of coins. The key is to resist the attack until you can build new Walls.

Attack your enemies!

Should you want to gain territory, you can click on any foreign fortress next to your borders. Once you make it to the enemy's capital, you can conquer their kingdom.

There are some arrows at the right bottom of the screen that you can use to indicate the path for your storming units. You can drag the map and explore it using the Mouse. This way, you will be able to see all the obstacles awaiting ahead.

Once you've created a plan for your offensive, you can choose your units from the left corner of the page. On your first attacks, you will start off with basic warriors. However, you can buy power-ups from the Main Menu that will give you a head start by unlocking Ninjas or even Knights.

Now that you know how to play, let's win some battles, shall we?