My Fairy Pet

Play the Winx Club: My Fairy Pet game to learn how to care for cute and fluffy companions! Can you unlock all the rooms and bring in many adorable friends?

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It's time to meet your new furry friends in the My Fairy Pet game! Have you ever wished to care for and play with an adorable animal? Great, because the Winx Club has many magical companions for you. Do you think you can manage them all?

Your role is to be sure that your fluffy pets have all the attention they need. Food, playtime, and baths are mandatory things a magical animal needs to live a healthy life! Will they get all the care they need from you? A pet is a big responsibility, don't take this challenge lightly.

How to Play

The controls are pretty straightforward! You only need to use your mouse to take care of the pets. Just use the Left click to fulfill each one of their needs. Also, as you get more fluffy friends, pay special attention to everyone equally! No one should feel left out.

Firstly, you need to buy a home fit for your fairy pet. The first room will be free, as well as your pet, so you don't have to worry. Afterward, you can buy one room in exchange for some stars. As you buy more and more, the price will increase, and one room can cost up to eighty stars! However, you will afford it if you are conscious of your funds.

You will have to feed, clean, and keep your pets happy by playing with them. Although the pets cannot talk to you, they will say something when hungry, and you will see when they need a bath. Both are really important to their well-being.

You will have choices regarding what they eat and how to clean them. Some will cost a few stars, and others will be free. The products will have an increased effect, depending on their cost, so choose wisely!

There's more you should know!

The only way to acquire stars is to play with your pets! If you help them perform tricks, you will receive some for every successful one. However, the small furries can't perform nonstop. Their energy level will go down, and they will have to take a nap to recharge! You can also feed them for an energy boost, but letting them rest is the best way to get back on track!

Get as many fairy pets as you can! In exchange for stars, you can purchase a small friend if you have a room for him to stay in. Get as many as you can and help them grow by keeping them fed and playing with them! Once you have at least two adult pets, they can meet for a play date. Doesn't this sound really fun?

Lastly, you should always pay attention to their mood! If you don't pay attention to their needs or don't play with them, the pets can become sadder. When this happens, you will have to cheer them up! Maybe buy something good to eat, give them a bubble bath, or purchase some accessories. You should try everything to keep your adorable pets happy!

It's time to get started! Let's see how many friends you will have in your care. Buy all the rooms and try to keep them all happy. Are you prepared for this responsibility?