Bloomix Battle

Test your strategic thinking skills with the Bloomix Battle game. Choose the best fairy warriors and use their powers to defeat the attacking villains!

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The Bloomix Battle game stands as proof that behind any war, there has to be a good strategist. Nobody should go into battle without thinking very well beforehand about their soldiers. To win, you have to know your assets!

The Winx girls are facing a great challenge, and they need you! So many villains are waiting for a wrong step to finally accomplish their evil goals! Don't let the win and pick the best warrior fairies for the next battle!

How to Play

First, you will have to pick up your soldiers. The fairies are well trained, and each one of them is good at something different. Some are healers, and others are fighters or defenders. Use their qualities well!

In the fights that will come, you will need all these assets. Maybe a healer cannot do much damage to enemies, but she will come in handy. Each time a fairy gets hurt while fighting with great courage, she will heal her! Even though they might be a little weak at first, that will not last for long. 

As you defeat the villains, you will receive coins. These can be later used to buy more strength. Be it more damage or better defense, you can choose what you can improve for each warrior. 

You should also know...

Here is a tip for you! For each round, think before about the spots where you want your fairies to be. Depending on where you put them, they might become vulnerable! A healer will stand no chance in front of an attacker, for instance!

To make the fairies attack a specific enemy, click on them and drag the magic target over the one attacked. They will automatically proceed and fight them until they are defeated. If you find yourself in great troubles, there is still a way out!

Each fairy has her own unique power. Once you select one, you'll see in a corner a specific icon. While the target is assigned, press that icon to launch the superpower for an ace they cannot foresee!