Champions of the Chill

Join SpongeBob, TMNT, Buhdeuce, and the Winx Club girls in the Champions of the Chill game! Can you get the gold medal in any of the four mini-games?

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The winter games are on in the Champions of the Chill game. It doesn't matter if it's summer, spring, or autumn outside now! Your favorite characters have gathered here to take part in a competition. The Winx Club girls, SpongeBob, Buhdeuce, and the Ninja turtles have met up and come out with the greatest challenges!

You can choose who you want to team up with and win all the gold medals with them. The competition will be rough, but with a little bit of skill and luck, you will be the next champion. You can train hard and be the best at all these new exciting sports.

Let's start with the basics!

First and foremost, you should know with whom you are playing. Choosing the best team for you is essential if you want the best results. There are four great teams here, so let your heart decide who it is going to be.

Now let the games begin! There are four different stages for this championship. Each one of them is themed according to the four tv-shows where the teams are starring.

Consequently, each challenge will be played by them, but do not worry! If the Winx girls win the Ninja Turtle challenge, they will get the medal for that.

Let the competitions begin!

The first mini-game in the tournament is dedicated to SpongeBob. He and Patrick are hosting a hokey competition. The aim here is to make SpongeBob score as many goals. But there is a catch! Patrick Star will be playing as a goalkeeper. With so many arms, a sea star might be almost too good for this job.

To score goals, you must use your mouse. Click, hold, and pull back to aim. If you did that correctly, some white dots should appear, indicating the trajectory of the puck. Use them as a guide to see whether you will hit the target. The more you will pull, the more powerful your shot will be.

Did you know that starfish are excellent goalkeepers? Well, Patrick certainly is. He will do anything to keep you away from scoring. As you are adjusting the trajectory for the goal, he will move toward the direction you are aiming in to block you.

Get some extra points and aim for the Plankton board to get some well-needed bonuses. But try to be quick about it! They won't stay in the same place forever. If you don't manage to aim for them in a few seconds, they are gone!

Prepare for the next challenge!

The next stage of the competition is the Ninja Bobsled Blast. These turtles really love speed, so go ahead and help them get that velocity! To get a decent rank in the bobsled race, you need a remarkably good start. Click as fast as you can to make the turtles run and gain an advantage.

To control the sleigh, simply click and drag to make it slide to the left or to the right. You should be prepared to steer at high speeds because these guys are not joking. Your victory is at stake, so do your best to keep up.

As you slide in your sled, many dangers will come your way. There are many things almost hidden in the snow. If you run into any of those, your bobsleigh will be slowed down considerably. But do not worry too much if you hit a few, though.

If you need additional help, there are also some items on the way that will give you some advantage. The pizza slices will not only make your tummy happy, but they also give you a little boost in terms of speed. To gain even more velocity, go over the orange ramps!

But wait...There's more!

The third challenge is all about snowboarding fun! Race down the snowy hill without hitting any of the obstacles. Press the Spacebar to jump over the things standing in your way. If you hit them, you will not lose the game, but you will slow down. 

When you are in mid-air while jumping, make sure to do some tricks! Press the Left or Right Arrows to make your character spin. The longer he spins, the more points you will gain. But remember! Always land on your feet! Otherwise, thigs will surely go ugly.

The last challenge is the Winx one. The girls left the best for last for you! Use your skills to slide down the hill and gain speed. Along the way, click to collect as many fireballs floating above. They will work as your fuel for the next step.

Now you have to use your wings! The aim now is to fly for as long as possible. To keep you up in the air, hold the Spacebar to use the Winx magic to float. But beware! Your magic is limited! Use it accordingly. 

While in air, make sure to avoid all the potential dangers! A plane is no good for a fairy's delicate wings, so take care! Use your resources well and have fun playing in this tournament!