Bedtime in Bikini Bottom

It's sleeping time in the Bedtime in Bikini Bottom game. Help SpongeBob and his friends sleep well, and don't let their dreams turn into nightmares!

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It is nighttime in the Bedtime in Bikini Bottom game. Everybody is sleeping now and dreaming sweet dreams. Plakton imagines himself stealing Mr. Krabs' famous recipe while SpongeBob is building a leaning tower of patties. At the same time, Squidward is keeping SpongeBob's tickles at bay, and Gary is running away from a bath!

But all our protagonists are one step away from leaving dreamland and waking up. Your aim is to keep them asleep and happy for as long as possible. To do that, you must make sure that their dreams continue their course undisturbed. For each character, there is a little game within their imagination.

How to Play

To play any of these games, you will need either your keyboard or your mouse. Usually, you can use both, but you should make sure to check the instructions first anyhow. Dreams are very feeble things, so whichever controls you choose, you must be very gentle!

In his little evil crib, Plankton has an even more evil dream. He thinks that he is stealing the famous secret recipe! Despite his bad intends, everyone must sleep well, so you must help him get away with the prey. To do that, you have to press the Up and Down arrows to add or pop the balloons he tied around himself. By doing that, Plankton will float higher or lower to avoid the obstacles! Be careful not to hit the bottle! It will crack and break!

SpongeBob is also having a great time. He dreams about something that he loves, the Krabby Patties! He is building a big pile of them. You have to tell him when to drop the meat so that it falls right in the center. You can do that by pressing the Spacebar when the moment is right. You ought to do your best to build the tower very straight. Otherwise, it will fall over, and SpongeBob will wake up!

There's more you should know!

Even grumpy people can have nice dreams, but they are usually surly in them too! That happened to Squidward here. He is dreaming of an army of SpongeBobs that have come to annoy him. Fortunately, his tentacles can defend him very well. The Left arrow key will slap his annoying friend, whereas the Right arrow will block him. You must be careful to keep him at bay. If SpongeBob catches you, he will not let go easily!

The last sleepy bird is cute little Gary. His worst nightmares are mainly baths, and now he is trying to avoid one. Your job is to not let his dream turn into a nightmare. To do that, you must use the Left and Right arrow keys to avoid the droplets of soap on the road. 

You ought to do your best to win some sleep for your friends in the Bikini Bottom. They need it quite a lot for their next adventure together!