Merry Match-Ups

The Nickelodeon characters need your help to sort all these presents in the Merry Match-Ups game. Swap squares to create combos of toys of the same type!

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You can now celebrate Christmas all year round in the Merry Match-Ups game. The Nickelodeon characters have gathered up lots of toys but, somehow, they got all mixed up. They need somebody to sort them out and quickly!

To put everything back on tracks again, you must pair the different objects in the boxes. With everything sorted out properly, Christmas will not be in danger of getting canceled. But if you do not manage to keep a steady pace of combos, you will have to start again.

How to Play

As a tool for sorting, you will need your mouse. With it, you have to select the little square containing the item you want to swap and then click on the square you want it to be. If it sounds too easy, that is because you do not know all the rules yet! You will not be happy to find out that the swaps can only be done on neighboring squares. If they do not have a common border, the change will be impossible.

To form a pair, you will need a minimum of three identical consecutive squares. Less than that, and nothing will happen! On the other hand, there is not a maximum number of squares that can be grouped. In fact, the more, the better!

As you clear the pairs on the board, the presents above will get bigger and bigger. If they get too heavy, they will fall down. Fortunately for you, that is good news. Not only have you managed to deliver awesome presents for Christmas, but you also get to pass to the next level. Two birds with one stone!

There are also some features in the game that will help you out to be more productive. For example, if you strike a combo of four, you will gain a little advantage timewise. This will allow you to pop even more presents in the long run! Moreover, if you are lucky enough to get a combo of five, the portraits will freeze over!

It is lovely to have Christmas around year long, and to think about delivering presents with the beloved Nickelodeon characters! Enjoy!