Plankton's Pernicious Plot

Play the Plankton's Pernicious Plot game to destroy the evil hypnotizing devices! Deactivate the Hypno-pods and save the jellyfish before time runs out!

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About Plankton's Pernicious Plot Game

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Plankton's hypnotized jellyfish are taking over Bikini Bottom in the Plankton's Pernicious Plot game! The evil genius has built a Hypno-pod that turns jellyfish into his slaves. Therefore, SpongeBob must go on an adventure and destroy Plankton's machine to save the jelly creatures! Will you join him in his quest?

Your role in this game is to help SpongeBob deactivate all the Hypno-pods before time runs out and Plankton's plan succeeds! The clock is ticking, and you must save the precious jellyfish from doom! Don't worry! SpongeBob is there to help you every step of the way!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to save the jellyfish. Here are your controls and how to use them:

 - Right/Left arrow keys: Move around the map.

 - Spacebar/Up arrow key: Jump onto platforms.

Try disabling at least five Hypno-pods before you move on to the next level. They're usually surrounded by hypnotized jellyfish, so be careful, as they will sting you and drain your health! If your health bar empties, you'll lose a life. You only have three chances to complete the level and move on before it's game over!

There is a timer near Plankton at the bottom of your screen. You must disable the pods and run to the exit before the time runs out, or SpongeBob will lose another life. However, you can replenish some of that time by collecting the stopwatches spread around the map.

You can also collect other things such as the Krabby Patties, which can restore some of your health, and the Square Pants, which give you an extra life. When you deactivate a pod, the jellyfish around it become de-hypnotized, so grab them for bonus points!

Are you ready to save the jellyfish and embark on this wild adventure with your friend SpongeBob? It's time to defeat Plankton!