Join SpongeBob in the RoboShot game, and put an end to Plankton’s evil plan! Aim carefully to destroy the robots that threaten the peace of Bikini Bottom!

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Bikini Bottom is in danger yet again in the entertaining RoboShot game! Plankton is mastering another evil plan to bring havoc to the underwater city! SpongeBob needs your assistance to conclude once and for all this crazy plan! 

Your yellow friend is spending yet another day cleaning up Plankton’s mess! His evil scheme has taken over again, and this time, he is concentrating his power to create enormous robots! Their purpose is to terrorize cities and to bring mass hysteria to the underwater world! 

How to Play

You have the most crucial role in the whole operation! SpongeBob has infiltrated the robot’s inner shell to try and destroy its control boxes! However, his vision is not the best as it is dark inside! You have to aim at the essential machines and destroy them! Use the Mouse to target the items, and Click to throw the wrench at them! 

Furthermore, be very careful as there are obstacles that make it harder for you to hit the control boxes! Try to find the best shot, and destroy them at first try! Also, remember that you only have five shots before the game ends!

Every control case that you destroy brings you 50 points! If you knock down two boxes with one shot, you get an extra 50 points! Make sure to hit every single one of them, and collect all the points! Every successful throw brings you closer to the grand finale, where Plankton is defeated! 

The beautiful under the sea town needs a new hero to end the robot’s mass destruction! SpongeBob has to bring Plankton’s demise, and you are his best shot! Be very attentive and destroy all the evil robots! Gather all the points, and finish the game with a bang!