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If you want to become a Kung-fu master, SpongeBob's Kah Rah Tay Contest game was made for you! Sandy and SpongeBob are obsessed with martial arts lately, and it's all they think about. Now, your buddies are practicing their skills, and you get to lend them a hand! Will you join their training session and learn more about Kah Rah Tay together?

If you love intense and action-packed challenges, this is the game for you! Your task is to help your friends improve their karate skills by throwing hits left and right. You can pick a side and fight until you win or switch between SpongeBob and Sandy as many times as you want. Just keep practicing, and you'll soon become a Kah Rah Tay master!

How to play the game

It's time to practice your karate chop! Use your mouse to tap on a character, and the remaining one will attack. Click as many times as you want, and you will begin practicing your Kah Rah Tay moves. How fun is that?

For your first step, you must pick a side. Make your decision, then tap on the character you want to attack. Your player will then begin to show off their fighting skills! Just don't think too hard about your option because you can always switch between SpongeBob and Sandy!

Pay attention to your opponent's movement and posture! If he is on defense, you won't be able to land any moves. This is why you must wait for the right timing before you act! If you miss a hit, you will lose one of your stars.

Can you manage to sneak three attacks through the enemy's defenses? Once the bar above your player's head has been filled, it's time to unleash your secret technique! Click on your opponent, and get ready to win the battle. This is how you can perform one of three spectacular finishing moves!

Well, what are you waiting for? Join SpongeBob and Sandy for their practice session and showcase your impressive Kah Rah Tay skills!

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