Gary's Revenge

Help Gary eliminate all the hostile puffy fluffies in Gary's Revenge game. Launch the cute snail shells to destroy his enemy's defense and take them down!

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About Gary's Revenge Game

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Gary, Spongebob SquarePants' pet snail, got into a conflict with some pufferfish in Gary's Revenge game. Now, he wants to take them down, so they can't bother him anymore. However, the puffy fluffies had built shelters to guard themselves against Gary's attacks. So, he now needs your help to destroy everything in his path.

Gary prepared many of his snail shells to use as projectiles against the buildings of the puffy fluffies. How will he launch them? Well, here is where you come in. Like in the Angry Birds series, Gary built a canon you'll have to use to secure victory. Ready for some action?

How to Play

You only need your mouse to shoot the canon. Gary will load his shells in it, and you should hold your Left Click to adjust the aim and drag it to increase the shot's power. When you're ready to launch, release it, and the shell will start flying. Don't worry if you miss your target. You will have more than one chance, and you can see the previous trajectory of your ammo to improve your aim.

There are twelve levels you will have to clear. In each, the goal will be to smash all the puffy fluffies. However, their defense will get stronger as you advance, so you'll have to find new ways to take them down.

Sometimes, the cute fish will disappear after a couple of hits. However, you will encounter many stronger ones that can take a beating. So, to be sure, always try to inflict the most damage possible with every shot.

Gary has some helpful tools in stock to help you in any situation. At first, you will launch the type of shells he also uses as his home. However, as the puffy fluffies' defense increases, so does the power of his ammo. For example, he has shells that can drop hard on the enemy whenever you want or one that can explode. There is also a type that can expand whenever you want and another to create a vortex.

There is more you should know!

You can also use your enemy's defense to your advantage. How? Well, the fluffies might have some structures that do not cover them but are still in your way. So, you can make them fall directly into their shelters. Also, There will be some crates with explosives, and if you hit them, you will cause loads of damage to their base.

There are also loads of points to earn. The first way to do it is, of course, by eliminating your foes. However, you can gain some extra points for all the materials you smash in your way. At the same time, you will get a hefty reward if you have some shells left. So, you will surely have a lot of ways to gain a high score!

Are you ready to join Gary in his mission and eliminate his foes? If so, let's get started and see if you can get past the puffy fluffies' defense!