Nickelodeon Paddle Slam

Try the Nickelodeon: Paddle Slam game to team up with SpongeBob, Sanjay, and many more! How many slams can you score to help your team win the tournament?

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Try the Nickelodeon: Paddle Slam game to compete against SpongeBob SquarePants, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more! Pick your team and see if you can help them bring home the victory! Do you think you're the missing piece? Then, let's see how you'll perform! 

Your job is to keep the ball bouncing and slam it into your opponent's side as much as possible. However, they might have some aces on their sleeve, so don't take any of them lightly! Are you ready to go against some of the Nickelodeon stars?

How to Play

Before you meet everyone, you should learn the controls! Watch the ball and use the Q and A keys to move around and keep it bouncing. However, this is not enough to get you points, so you should try to get it past your opponent. A couple of shots and they will not have any chance of recovery.

Besides SpongeBob, Donatello, Michelangelo, and the other turtles, you will meet loads of other characters like Sanjay and Craig or Sam And Cat. Each has its way of keeping the ball bouncing. For example, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles use the Sheel Raiser, and SpongeBob uses his boat. Also, some might be faster or bigger, so this might be an advantage while playing.

If you want to clear this challenge, you have to become a champion! After you choose your team, you will have to defeat the other three one by one! Each team will have a different playstyle, so you should adapt fast if you want to beat them. Do you think you can score more points than the rest?

Your job is to hit as many slams as possible before the timer runs out! However, you will have some help to make your job easier. Hit the bonus items to increase or decrease the ball and paddle speed, gain extra time and points, and gain shields! Also, you will have some protection from the start, but you might quickly lose it if you're not careful!

Are you ready to start the challenge and see how many points you can gather? Choose your team and see if you can become the next champion at Paddle Slam. SpongeBob, Sanjay, and the rest can't wait to see your performance!