Kickin' it Old School

In the Kickin' it Old School game, many villains are on the run. Catch Kraang and his Foot Soldiers and destroy his evil creations before it's too late!

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About Kickin' it Old School Game

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Because of Kraang’s malicious plans, the Ninja Turtles have been teleported into some time in the past. The Kickin’ it Old School game develops an exciting storyline with your favorite heroes and villains of the series.

Help the turtles defuse the Dimensionizers before they cause any more harm and save the city! Get out of the sewers and roam the streets in look for the evil creatures. 

Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael will take turns in battling their long-time enemies, so use their strength and energy wisely! Prepare for intense combat, powerful opponents, and `do it like a turtle do`!

Learn the basics of moving and fighting!

You can move around the streets with the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. The Spacebar triggers the regular attacking move, but there is also a special strike. By pressing Z, your character will destroy every enemy in the area in just a second! It has a major downside to it, though, as it will waste all your energy bar. 

Whenever you defeat a Foot Soldier, you are going to notice a few things pop out of them. All of these are bonuses, which help you refill your meters. The turtle symbols give you energy, the pizzas restore your health, and the robot masks create a temporary protective shield. Be quick to collect them because they disappear in a few seconds, and your bars will not replenish on their own!

Three different levels will challenge you into a lot of fighting to save the city: City Streets, At Dusk, and Rooftops. You can choose to play on your own or ask a friend to complete the quests together with the Two Players option! Each stage requires a certain number of Foot Soldiers to be defeated and collectibles to be picked. You will have to beat up to 80 enemies!

Take advantage of your surroundings!

In each level, you have to defuse a Dimensionizer. Kraang guards all of them, so you will have to take care of both at the same time. Once you see the ground shaking, you know the monster is really close to your character.

The evil boss is the most powerful in the last level. He has two new attacks: spitting rackets and throwing iron fists. You can see where these are going to land, so stay away from the red targets on the ground. 

Keep in mind that you should change your character at the sewer caps or flags if it has low energy and health bars. But thankfully, you do not lose the game if you die. As soon as it happens, you can switch with another turtle and continue playing. 

Be alert at all times!

Every now and then, you may notice some objects that are blocking your way, such as trashcans and hydrants. You can make use of them by throwing them toward your opponents. They are not as powerful as an attack, but they do significant damage. You can also use the airways to your advantage, as Foot Soldiers do not cross them, and you can hide safely.

When playing with a friend, things are a little bit changed. You do not fight at the same time but take turns to do so. Both of you will have the same tasks, yet with different results. The players will change as you advance, or once someone runs out of strength. What is better in this version? You complete the level regardless of completing all the quests or not! The only goal is to defeat Kraang. 

You can check out the Achievements list during or at the end of the game. And if you feel like you could have done something from the second try, you can always go back and complete all the challenges!

Help Mikey, Don, Raph, and Leo save the city so they can finally reward themselves with a delicious pizza!