Nick Tennis Stars

Play the Nick Tennis Stars game and test your new racket against your friends! Hit the ball, use the power-ups and learn how to win all the matches!

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About Nick Tennis Stars Game

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Become the Tennis champion with a character from your favorite Nickelodeon show in the Nick Tennis Stars game! Grab your trusty racket and test your ball-hitting skills with your special friends, such as SpongeBob, Patrick, Leo, or Kid Danger! Will you beat everyone in this challenge and become the best Tennis player?

Your task in this game is to win the Tennis matches by hitting the ball with your racket and stopping your opponent from hitting it back! Just don't let the ball drop! Once you get the hang of it, you'll be unstoppable!

How to Play

Holding a Tennis racket is not hard, but you need your keyboard to use it properly! Throw the ball in the air and toward your opponent by pressing your spacebar twice. You can also use your arrow keys to move around the court and launch the ball! Stand in the big circle to charge your serve, or move quickly to the small one for a hard smash!

If you want to play as your favorite sponge friend, you can pick him from the roster of characters before the start of the match! Each Nickelodeon character has a Super, so make the best choice for your play style! For example, SpongeBob will bring out his special spatula and launch three balls at once!

Random power-ups may appear on the field from time to time! You can pick them up and give your opponent a disadvantage! Get the upper hand by gaining speed or sending a fiery hit! 

What else you should know

Some colors will appear on the ball net, called ball modifiers! The green one indicates a fastball, the yellow one will send a lob ball, and the red will slow down your ball! Be careful when passing your ball through the modifier, and use it to your advantage!

You can choose between two play modes: Quick Play and Tournament. The Quick Play mode will instantly put you against another character or friend. In contrast, the Tournament mode will have you go through different levels and difficulties to win the Cup!

Are you ready to join the Tennis championship with your lovely Nickelodeon friends? Everyone's cheering for you!