What are the most popular Henry Danger Games?

  1. Super Brawl World
  2. Super Brawl 4
  3. Nick: Basketball Stars 2
  4. Nick Racing Stars
  5. Soccer Stars 2
  6. Football Stars 2
  7. Block Party 3
  8. Summer Sports Stars
  9. Paper Battle
  10. Hall of Games

What are the best Henry Danger Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Super Brawl World
  2. Super Brawl 4
  3. Nick: Basketball Stars 2
  4. Nick Racing Stars
  5. Soccer Stars 2

Become a trainee superhero!

Give the Henry Danger games a try if you love superheroes! Have you ever wanted to go through training and become one? Now you have the chance!

Ever since its launch on Nickelodeon in 2014, the Henry Danger comedy TV series has made this dream possible for many fans. How come? This live-action show is appealing for children and parents alike. It presents the story of a teenager with big ambitions: becoming the sidekick of a superhero. How cool!

Meet Henry Hart! He is a 13-year-old who lives in the town of Swellview. However, his life is about to change forever! It all started when our protagonist decided to look for a summer job. In the beginning, it seemed like working at the Junk N' Stuff was going to be boring. You couldn't be more wrong!

Do you want to know the truth? Surprisingly, the shop and the owner are just fronts. In reality, Junk N' Stuff is the headquarters of a famous superhero.

Have you heard about Captain Man? He is looking for a sidekick, and Henry seems like the perfect fit. However, he will need to pass some tests and go through training to earn a sidekick role.

Will he succeed? It will be a tough challenge! If he manages to finish it, Henry will need to change his name and assume a new identity. How exciting!

Test your skills with the Henry Danger games!

Before he can take on a sidekick role, Henry will need to go through grueling training. Moreover, our protagonist will need to keep his unusual job a secret from his family and friends. As you can imagine, it will not be an easy feat! Will Henry be able to rise to the challenge? It's up to you to lend him a helping hand!

Let's learn more about Henry's boss and the tests he has devised! Ray Manchester, aka Captain Man, is an iconic superhero. After more than a decade of fighting crime, he has become overwhelmed by his responsibilities. Fortunately, young Henry showed up at the Junk 'N Stuff. Believe it or not, he is a glimmer of hope for Captain Man!  Even the biggest heroes need a little help from time to time. Wouldn't you agree?

However, before he can get started, Henry must go through some tests and training stages. Therefore, he will need to put his best qualities forward to succeed. One of the most important ones is ambition. Luckily, this is one of the areas where Henry Danger excels. He is also intelligent, a bonus for any successful superhero.

Can you help him get through the test? Play the Mind the Gap game and prove your intelligence!

In time, Henry Danger will become an even better sidekick! He gets stronger, smarter, and more ingenious every day. Who knows? Maybe one day, he will completely replace Captain Man, taking over all his responsibilities.

However, he still has a lot to learn until then! Can you lend him a helping hand? You will need to be swift and smart to complete all the missions. 

Do you want to test yourself? Play the Day of Danger game to replace Captain for a day!

Friendship is a superpower!

What would a superhero be without his powers? Both Captain Man and Henry Danger boast impressive abilities, such as the Forcefield Barrier, Expert Combat, Indestructibility, and Super Strength. Can they use all these powers wisely to fight against evil?

The Toddler, Dr. Minyak, and Nurse Cohort are very dangerous villains. Therefore, our hero and his sidekick will need to work together to defeat them. Besides, all these confrontations will test the friendship between Captain Man and Henry Danger. Play the Rescue Rumble game to get a taste of this experience!

Speaking of friendship, Henry has a few good pals, like any teen his age. In the beginning, they didn't know anything about Henry Danger's secret mission. However, soon enough, the secret came out. What is more, they even agreed to help their friend! Would you like to meet them?

Charlotte Page is a genius, sassy, and independent. Besides, she is a skilled detective, and she can shoot with precision. Isn't that cool?

Have you met Jasper Dunlop? He is the most loving and giving person you'll ever meet. Moreover, he comes up with very creative ideas, even if they aren't practical most of the time. Nevertheless, he can be blunt at times, mostly because he doesn't know better.

Did you know that he used to think he would be a better sidekick than Henry Danger? Luckily, his friendship with Henry helped him change his mind in the end. Play the Potato Panic game to give Jasper a chance to help out the Captain!

Get ready for plenty of adventures and a ton of giggles! Besides the usual superhero shenanigans, the Henry Danger games will help you grasp the value of partnership and friendship. Oh, and they are also hilarious! Stop hesitating and give them a try!

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