Train Rescue

Help the heroes of Henry Danger catch The Toddler in the Danger & Thunder: Train Rescue game! Avoid obstacles and rescue the passengers to save the day!

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About Train Rescue Game

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Join Kid Danger and the rest of the gang for an intense chase in the Danger & Thunder: Train Rescue game! It seems like The Toddler has hijacked a train and has taken hostages! Save the passengers and catch the villain now!

Your job is to run after the train while avoiding all obstacles! The enemy will keep throwing items to try and lose you, but you need to stay focused and change lanes fast! Rescue the passengers and keep chasing The Toddler as long as you can! Will you be able to save the day?

How to Play

Before starting the mission, you need to understand the controls. You can use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your keyboard to move, or you can press Spacebar to use your superpower and avoid the obstacles! To rescue a civilian, all you have to do is switch lanes and press the Up Arrow key to catch them. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?

When you first start the game, you can choose your character, but don't worry! You will get to play as all the heroes as you continue chasing your enemy! There is also a hidden character, which you can unlock by clicking the Lock button and entering the password: evil.

The Toddler will keep throwing things at you to get you to fail! You can avoid some of them by simply switching lanes, while for other obstacles, you will need to use your special ability!

What else you should know

You should still be careful! Your superpowers need time to charge, and if you fail to use them, you will switch to playing as another hero. Sometimes you will also come across a shield power-up, which will protect you for a few seconds.

Your score increases the longer you run. If you are aiming for a high score, you can gain some points by collecting gems! Just pay attention to the road and switch lanes as needed when you see the blue jewels!

Hurry up! Kid Danger, Captain Man, and Phoebe need your help to catch The Toddler!