Nick Easter Egg Hunt

Don't let Dr. Colosso ruin the Nick Easter Egg Hunt game! Collect as many chocolate eggs as you can while launching rotten egg projectiles at the villain!

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The game is on in the Nick Easter Egg Hunt game. This time of the year is probably the most prolific when it comes to chocolate. A successful egg hunt prey might last a long time. But what is the purpose of everything, after all, if you cannot enjoy it with your friends? Fortunately for you, the Nickelodeon characters have come to your rescue!

Like any other easter egg hunt, you have to do your best to catch as many chocolate goodies as possible. The more, the merrier everyone will be! The thing is that some nasty guy has sneaked in and is looking forward to spoiling the celebrations. Dr. Colosso's evil plan has to be stopped before all fun is ruined. 

How to Play

The tools for this egg hunt are quite easy to use. Your mouse is all that you need for this challenge. Alternatively, you can use your fingers to tap the screen as well! By moving the mouse around, you will cause the character to move in the same direction. You should do your best to guide him to collect as many easter eggs as possible. 

Unfortunately, this hunt is not going to be as smooth as the others planned. Dr. Colosso wants to ruin everything by stealing away all the sweet goodies from your basket. You have to teach him a lesson and show him that you are not defenseless. To make him go away, you must throw rotten eggs at him. This way, you will trick him into believing that he is getting chocolate! The shock of the nasty smell will make him disappear in the blink of an eye.

To throw the eggs, you have to click or tap anywhere on the screen. This simple gesture will launch a genuine attack of smelly projectiles right in Dr. Colosso's face! This naughty rabbit underestimated his opponent!

Good luck hunting the eggs and ensuring that everyone has a good time this easter!