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Try the Surprise Party game to become a part of an important Loud family event! Help everybody organize Lori's birthday party to win special achievements!

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With the Surprise Party game, you can give the Loud family a much needed helping hand in organizing Lori's special celebration. Aren't you excited to throw a party for the eldest daughter of the Loud family? 

Lori is turning seventeen soon, and the rest of the family has been planning a celebration to remember. She might be bossy and obnoxious at times, but she is also kind and caring towards her family. This is why they have decided to prepare something for her in Ketcham Park. However, there is still a lot left to do! Stop hesitating and start working!

Each mission is important!

This exciting game consists of many missions that you need to solve. The coolest part is the fact that you can become immersed in the Loud House universe, exploring several locations and getting to know many characters. Aren't you excited to give it a try?

The gameplay is so simple, it will have you hooked in no time. To move your character around the scene, all you need to do is press the Arrow Keys. To move from one place to another, interact with an object, or collect it, watch out for the dotted orange circles. Press the Space Bar whenever you come near them to perform the respective action. Easy as pie, right?

Your phone is essential in this game! It allows you to receive missions and check on their current status. What is more, here you can also access the map. Not only can you explore the city, but you can also travel to any desired location with a single click! Isn't that awesome?

The missions you will have to accomplish are so strange and varied! From finding duck tape to gathering up pets and setting up a lemonade fountain, there is still so much left to do! Can you handle it all?

Use everybody's best skills!

One of the best features of this game is the fact that you can switch characters at any time. You have Lincoln, Clyde, Ronnie Anne, and Bobby at your disposal. Keep in mind that each one of these characters can perform specific actions that others can't!

For example, only Bobby can turn on the oven or fix the electrical system in the school. What is more, you will need to watch out, as Clyde's allergies prevent him from touching certain objects. 

Keep in mind that the key to this game is to find all the collectible objects in each scene, then use them appropriately. However, certain items will only help you earn achievements, such as Lily's discarded bottles. How many trophies and badges can you win? Just keep playing to find out!