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Life at school is hard sometimes, especially in the Summer School game. When you are the only brother among so many sisters, things can go quite hectic. They might not always pay attention to important things and ruin everything! But they are still family. So there has to be a way out of the trouble if you work together. 

The things that have to be fixed here are Lincoln's grades. They are horribly low! And the worst part is that he did not even deserve that! His sisters are the ones that managed to somehow ruin all his homework. That is why his teachers were so displeased and gave him straight F's. You must explore the surroundings to find the things that will get him some life-saving extra credit.

How to play the game

Because there will be a lot of exploring to do, the primary tool you will use is the Arrow keys. These little guys under your fingers will take you almost anywhere. Simply press, and they will take care of everything. 

But, as you probably knew already, exploring also implies touching lots of things. For that purpose, you can use two things: your mouse or the Spacebar. Either one you pick, you will need to position yourself right. You must face the object you want to interact with and then press!

To straighten up Lincoln's grades, you will get a task for extra points. From taking bird photos for the art class to recreating a meat portrait for history class, there will be lots of funny projects. To accomplish each task, you have to find the right 'ingredients'. 

There's more you should know

Lincoln's sisters have some wild ideas that might work. You have to do as they say and put two and two together. Sometimes you might even need to take the current task to another place to find the missing stuff. 

Besides the principal goal of getting better grades, there are other small tasks too! There can be simply called good deeds done for the sake of others. You could be a nice person and pick up the trash left behind in a park. Or you could be kind to animals and feed them. Anyway, these selfless acts will bring you something in return. A medal to be more exact!

You will absolutely love going on this adventure with Lincoln! Besides getting to explore the city at day and at night, you also get to do good deeds.

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