Tag Attack

Have a blast in the park with your favorite Nickelodeon characters in the Tag Attack game! Outrun all the other opponents and tag them to win!

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About Tag Attack Game

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The Tag Attack game allows you to re-experience one of the most beloved childhood games. Who doesn't love to play tag? All you need to do is run around and touch as many of your friends as you can. Be careful not to get tagged!

Are you a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants, Game Shakers, The Thundermans, or The Loud House? Now you have the opportunity to meet them in a gorgeous park and join them for a cool game that will keep you on your toes!

Let's get started!

The first step of this cool game is to pick the hero of your adventure. Will you go for Olly, SpongeBob, Patrick, Babe, Kenzie, Kid Danger, or Phoebe?

Next, you'll benefit from a short tutorial that will introduce you to the controls. Everything is so easy and intuitive that I'm sure you'll get used to them in no time! To move your character around, you need to use the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow Keys. Tag your opponents by pushing the Space Bar. It's that simple!

Get ready to play right away! You will find yourself in the playing field with seven other opponents. The goal is to survive for as long as possible. How do you do that? That's simple! Try to outrun the other players, then tag them at the right time to eliminate them from the game. In turn, you will respawn in three seconds if you get tagged.

At the beginning of the game, you and the other players will be assigned a random nickname. Who will win this round? Check the top right side of the screen to see your position.

Can you reach the high score list?

The key to success is being extremely agile and keeping your head in the game. For example, you should always keep an eye out for in-game bonuses. They will surely give you an edge in the game and help you outsmart your opponents!

The boomerang power-up allows you to tag enemies from afar, with a simple press of the Space Bar. This cool feature allows you to keep a safe distance between you and the other players. 

Make sure you collect the shield bonus whenever you see it! It grants you protection from tags for a while, allowing you to create combos. The more characters you tag in a row, the better your final score will be.

Finally, don't forget to pick up the speed extra! The faster you are, the harder it is to tag you!

The best part of this game is that your character gets respawned right away after you get tagged. Basically, the game goes on forever if you want it to!

Whenever you decide to quit, you will see the final ranking of the players. The final score is based on the number of total tags, as well as the best combo you have achieved during the game.

Can you win the golden trophy?