The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch

Stop Plankton's evil plan in The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch game. Help SpongeBob solve the quests by exploring every nook and cranny in the Bikini Bottom!

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About The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch Game

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A new quest is on for you in The Legend of Dead Eye Gulch game. SpongeBob is trying yet another time to save Mr. Krabs's business from ruin. Plankton's tireless efforts to steal the precious secret Krabby Patty recipe seem to have worked until now. Only somebody with the spirit of an adventurer can put an end to his evil plans. 

Before you can get to the real adventure, you must explore Bikini Bottom until you solve all the small quests that need to be completed. Step by step, you will gain the necessary experience to face more dangerous enemies and situations. No stone must be left unturned on your path!

How to Play

There is a lot of exploring to be done on the bottom of this sea. Bikini Bottom is not exactly a small neighborhood. There are lots of nooks and crannies to be investigated if you want to find all the clues. To do all that, you must use the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can use them to guide SpongeBob around town, simply press the key corresponding to the direction in which you want to head.

This underwater town is quite lively. Many residents are minding their business around, and some might even need help! You can interact with them to check whether they need somebody by pressing the Spacebar key. You should make sure SpongeBob is facing them as close as possible. Otherwise, they might not be aware that you intend to help. 

But SpongeBob's good nature does not mean that he is helpless. Also, by pressing the Spacebar, you have the option to attack as well. For instance, jellyfish are not too friendly with anybody intruding on their territory, so make sure to fight back! Depending on what kind of opponent you are facing, some weapons work best. Fortunately, you can switch between them anytime. Simply click on the one displayed in the icon above, and it's done!

With a little bit of courage and thirst for adventure, an explorer like you can undoubtedly help SpongeBob to put an end to Plankton's evil plan!