Squidward's Sneak Peek

Play the Squidward's Sneak Peek game and help SpongeBob steal the grumpy octopus' Christmas presents! Sneak behind him and grab the gifts before Gary does!

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Pull a prank on your favorite octopus friend and steal some gifts in Squidward's Sneak Peek game! The Krusty Krab gang is spending Christmas together, and SpongeBob loves pulling pranks on the mopey Squidward! He and his pet snail, Gary, will try to take away his presents! But the octopus is very observant and might catch them! Will you help SpongeBob win this challenge?

Your job is to help SpongeBob get close to Squidward and steal his gift before he notices! You're also racing against Gary, so the speed is pretty significant! This Christmas is all about taking! But don't worry, Squidward won't get upset as long as he won't catch you!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to approach Squidward and steal his gifts. Just click and hold to walk closer and closer to the grumpy octopus. Next, release the Left click when you want to stop! When the coast is clear, you can start walking again!

Make sure Squidward doesn't see you walking! He will turn to look in your direction from time to time, which means you need to stand still. The Christmas lights on the wall indicate when you should and shouldn't move! Green means go, yellow means halt, and red means you've been caught!

Remember that grabbing the gift is not the only task you should do! You also have to reach it before Gary does! However, the snail isn't affected by Squidward's peaks! He can move forward even when the octopus is watching you. Take risks, be bold, and you will win!

Now that you know how to trick Squidward, will you be able to steal all the octopus' Christmas gifts? Time to beat SpongeBob's sneaky challenge!