Spitwad Showdown

Help SpongeBob win against Patrick in the Spitwad Showdown game! Aim and shoot spitballs at your opponent while collecting power-ups and claim victory!

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About Spitwad Showdown Game

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SpongeBob and Patrick compete by throwing spitballs at each other in the Spitwad Showdown game! It looks like the duo is up to their old shenanigans! Armed with a straw and wet paper balls, the sponge and the starfish are ready to shoot each other in a friendly competition. However, Squidward is busy reef-blowing on their playground, so things might get in their way! Who do you think will win this contest?

Your role in this game is to help SpongeBob shoot his enemy with as many spitwads as possible to win the competition. Show off your aiming skills and claim victory against Patrick, no matter how many obstacles are in the way! It's a friendly contest, so don't forget to have fun!

How to Play

You will only need your mouse to win against Patrick. First, move your cursor up and down to avoid your opponent's spitwads. Then aim and click to shoot your own and gain points. If you manage to score more points than Patrick, you'll be able to move to the next round of the competition!

The arena is full of jellyfish, corals, and seashells, thanks to Squidward's reef-blowing! They can act as either power-ups or obstacles and may affect your spitwads if you hit them. This is how they work:

 - Purple coral: Speeds up your projectile.

 - Blue coral: Multiplies spitball by three.

 - Green coral: Makes the spitwad move randomly.

 - Jellyfish: Stings anyone it touches.

 - Seashell: Sends the ball back if hit.

Lastly, each round has a timer that can be found at the top of your screen. It signals the time until the end of the level. Try hitting Patrick as many times as possible in that time to win. If he hits you more times than you do, he'll claim victory, and it will be game over.

Are you ready to become the champion of the spitwad competition? Ready, set, spit!