Colossal Chaos

Play the Colossal Chaos game and help SpongeBob dodge the dangerous balls! Move around and jump to avoid the balls while collecting the trophies!

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About Colossal Chaos Game

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Help SpongeBob avoid the deadly balls dropped by Plankton's robots in the Colossal Chaos game! SpongeBob has run into trouble once again! Plankton has trapped him in the cup of an enormous trophy and tries to eliminate him by throwing bombs and spiky balls into the golden bowl! Now, your sponge friend must avoid getting hurt and escape this chaos! Will he manage to make it out safely?

Your goal is to dodge and destroy all the dangerous balls Plankton's robots keep throwing while collecting as many trophies as possible! Jumping onto or over these harmful items takes a lot of skill, practice, and perfect timing! Do you have the necessary talent to help SpongeBob in his dire situation?

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to move around the golden bowl and dodge the balls. These are your controls:

 - Left / Right arrow keys: Steer SpongeBob from one side to another.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

Multiple types of balls will fall from the robot's arms. The bombs will explode upon impact, while the ordinary dodgeballs and the metal balls will move around the bowl. The spiky balls are quick and dangerous, but they will only move in one direction and cannot be touched. Each of the other types of balls can break and will give you a different amount of points.

Try collecting as many trophies as possible to earn points as you avoid the balls. Make sure none of these balls touch you, or you will trip and lose a life. You only have three chances to dodge them before it's game over! You can't regain any lives, so try to play safe while advancing through levels.

Now that you know how to avoid the harmful balls, can you prove your skills and make it out of the bowl untouched? Don't let anything roll over you!