Deep Sea Leap

Play the Deep Sea Leap game and help SpongeBob reach the sea's surface! Leap from platform to platform, avoid the jellyfish, and make your way to the top!

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Join SpongeBob in his mission to reach the sea's surface in the Deep Sea Leap game! SpongeBob wants to jump as high as possible until he gets out of the deep sea, but he needs some help with short legs like his. The moving platforms will aid in his quest and send him straight to the top as long as he avoids any danger that might come his way. Can you help him reach the surface in time?

Your job in this game is to help SpongeBob jump from one platform to another without falling and avoid the jellyfish that might sting him! This challenge is as hard as it is entertaining, so give it a go and see how high you can reach! Your sponge friend will give it his best!

How to Play

To jump on top of the platforms, use your mouse. Follow the arrow above SpongeBob's head with your eyes and once it matches the direction of the platform, click to leap! Some platforms stay still while others move, so your progress might be slower sometimes. Try to be patient and keep moving up at your own pace!

As mentioned above, you must avoid the jellyfish, or they will kick you off the platform! They don't appear too often, but if they do, they do so unexpectedly. This fact might force you to jump onto the next platform without much thought behind your leap. However, as long as you follow the right direction, you should succeed!

You only have one chance to reach the surface of the sea! SpongeBob is pretty skilled, but remember that once you jump off a platform and onto another, the one beneath will disappear! In other words, you can't rely on having something to save you if you fall. Once you waste that life, it'll be game over!

Are you the one to reach the top with your friend SpongeBob? Leap high, and don't stop until you break records!