RoundPants RunAround

Play the RoundPants RunAround game and help SpongeBob recover his pants! Move around and collect all the square outfits while avoiding the round ones!

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Join SpongeBob in his search for his signature square suit in the RoundPants RunAround game! SpongeBob's pants vanished right before he could get dressed for the day! Now, they're running around the plains of Bikini Bottom and got lost amongst other pairs of round pants. SpongeBob must recover his outfits before anyone sees him in his underwear. Can you help him?

Your job is to help SpongeBob run around the field and collect his square pants while avoiding the dreaded round suits that don't fit him! It is a fashion crisis, and SpongeBob must find a solution fast! Only you can help him recover his beloved pants!

How to Play

Run around and collect the square pants with the help of your mouse. Use your cursor to move around the map and run into SpongeBob's outfits to gather them! Pay attention and try to collect the sponge's favorite shape of pants, as the round ones move around and try to confuse you!

SpongeBob will fall and lose a life if you accidentally run into a pair of round pants! They don't only differ in shape from the square ones but have a distinct color as well. You can only grab the wrong outfit three times before it's game over, and SpongeBob will have to remain in his underwear!

Besides all kinds of pants, you will also notice a pair of golden underwear moving around. Try grabbing it to give SpongeBob a speed boost, allowing him to run fast and move swiftly. Another reason to collect the golden underpants is that they are worth ten pairs of pants and will increase your score!

Can you find all of SpongeBob's pants before the start of his day? Fashion is square this season!