Skater Sponge

Play the Skater Sponge game and perform the most amazing tricks with SpongeBob! Jump high and skate on platforms to earn points before the time runs out!

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Show off your tricks and skate on every surface in town in the Skater Sponge game! SpongeBob loves being on a skateboard and is not afraid to show it! However, skateboarding and tricks require a lot of practice and patience, so your favorite sponge is ready to ride around Bikini Bottom and skate on everything! Will you join him in his adventure?

Your job in this game is to help SpongeBob jump high and skate on every wooden stand while avoiding tumbling over any obstacles! If you get the timing right, you can make any jump, and all the tricks will be a piece of cake!

How to Play

You can become a pro skater with the help of your trusty mouse. Once SpongeBob moves, nothing can stop him. Click for a simple jump, and double-click for a high jump! You must time your jumps and soar above the elevated platforms, or you'll run into them. Skate on top of each wooden wall to gain points!

Avoid hitting the platforms, and do your best to stay above them. These trick walls are of different types and sizes. You can jump over the short ones or pass by the half-tall walls. However, the full tall ones are pretty hard to miss, so try jumping on them early! The other obstacles you must avoid are the rocks that appear in your way from time to time!

Another aspect you must pay attention to is the timer! You can see your time at the bottom of your screen. It will slowly drain as you skate, but your moves will influence it. If you hit an obstacle, you'll lose some precious seconds. However, you can gain that back by making the perfect jumps and skating on top of the platforms!

Can you become the best skater Bikini Bottom has ever seen? Let the wheels take control!