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Freshen up your favorite cartoon with SpongeBob Squarepants: Make a Scene game. Stage the perfect image, then add characters and props to bring it to life!

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If you love SpongeBob, but always wanted to create an episode of your own, with a fascinating plot and unexpected turns, now you can in the Make a Scene game! All the starring characters are at your disposal together with some great props and other gadgets that will bring everything to life.

You can recreate scenes from the show or let your imagination run free and create new ones from scratch. Just by adding the necessary elements, from characters to funny objects, you can make an awesome scene!

How to Play

Usually, being a director is a hard job and requires lots of tools and a whole crew! Fortunately for you, the only thing you will need here is your mouse and nothing else. You must use it to browse through items, then click, drag, and drop the objects in the desired place. 

There are multiple categories to choose from, the first being the one with characters. Here you get to pick the stars of your scene. You can have as many as you want, even multiple copies of the same hero.

What makes everything even more special is the next category. Here there are lots of interesting objects which make the characters behave in a certain way. For instance, a burger or some bubbles will make them dance happily. On the other hand, a spatula might make the characters look threatened. 

Add the finishing touches!

Finally, the stickers and the emojis can give the whole scene a completed look. These can be used to compensate for the lack of sound and speech, which would otherwise leave the scene a little bland. 

When you have finished designing and staging the scene, you can take a couple of minutes to admire it. Then, you can save it and share it with everyone! You can even challenge your friends to make their own and then compare your works of art.

This game will undoubtedly challenge your creativity and boost your spirits while also playing with your favorite Bikini Bottom characters!