Zombie Breakout

Bikini Bottom is in danger in the mysterious Zombie Breakout game! Help SpongeBob defeat all the undead anchovies, and save his good friends from danger!

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About Zombie Breakout Game

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The peaceful underwater town of Bikini Bottom is at risk in the Zombie Breakout game! SpongeBob is the only one left standing, and he needs your help to save the community!

Mysteriously, the citizens of the famous under-the-sea town have turned into zombies! There is no explanation for this peculiar case, but measures should be taken! Your sponge friend feels like he has to save everyone! 

You have to join the battle against the evil forces! Make sure to keep a careful eye on the enemy, and destroy as many of them as possible! Help SpongeBob save his buddies, and defeat the dead anchovies! 

How to Play

The enemy is coming from all corners, so you have to pay attention to the entire map! Use your Mouse, and aim at the evil zombies! Once you have a clear shot, Click in their direction, and prepare for the ultimate attack! 

You can change your position if you feel like they are getting too close! Use the Right, Left, Up and Down arrows to direct SpongeBob across the board! You have to keep him from getting surrounded by the bad anchovies, or else the game will stop! 

Tips and Tricks

To get to the next level, you have to save all your friends! This will not be easy, as for every zombie you defeat, more will appear! However, keep your patience, and clear out the path of the mischievous spectrums! 

Some of the zombies release distinctive items once they are defeated! For example, sometimes they drop ammo boxes! Be sure to collect them, as they help you have an advantage in every fight! Moreover, Jack o’ Lanterns can also be found on the platform after a zombie dies! They are quite valuable, and will bring you 500 points each when you collect them! 

The black and gray lightning brings you closer to the sinister atmosphere of the game! Make sure to keep your position in the face of danger! SpongeBob needs your help, and his friends need saving! Defeat the evil zombies, and release Bikini Bottom of this terror!