Dirty Bubble Busters

Bikini Bottom has been invaded by an army of evil particles in the Dirty Bubble Busters game! Can you vacuum them all and clean up the bottom of the sea?

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About Dirty Bubble Busters Game

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Oh no! An army of dirt particles has taken over the bottom of the sea in the Dirty Bubble Busters game! Luckily, SpongeBob and Patrick are ready to take action because they're already equipped with their trusty vacuum cleaners. Can you help them stop the invasion on time?

If you enjoy a fast-paced challenge, this is the perfect game for you! Travel across Bikini Bottom, look for the evil creatures, and catch them all to clean up the city. Of course, as you travel, you can also pick up the trash to gain some extra points. Just don't get caught by the dirty bubbles because they can trap or even attack you!

How to Play

Mobility is the most valuable skill here because you have to act fast! Use the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard to run in each direction. You can jump on a platform by tapping on the Up key or crouch with the Down arrow. If you're close enough to the enemies, simply aim your mouse at them and Left-click to swipe them all inside your vacuum!

Throughout your adventure, you must travel across multiple areas and clean up the bottom of the sea. However, there are evil dust particles everywhere, so you should be careful! Touching just one of them will split up SpongeBob and Patrick. So try to stay out of danger and react as quickly as possible!

The dirty bubbles aren't peaceful creatures, and they're ready to attack! Are you prepared to fight the waves of nasty particles coming at you? Once they throw their ammo, you must crouch, or you will waste a life! Each time you get hit, you will lose one of your chances, so stay out of trouble, or you might not be able to save Bikini Bottom!

What else you should know

Luckily, you will come across many useful power-ups. Some of them will act as a shield and protect you from attackers. Other times, they will increase the power of your vacuum, making you able to pick up the dust and trash from a greater distance!

You can use up to two power-ups at the same time, so make sure to keep your eyes open for any colorful orbs floating around!

Get ready to put on your gear because the cleaning session is about to begin! Join SpongeBob and Patrick and help them defeat the army of dirty bubbles!