Reef Rumble

Play the Reef Rumble game and enter the martial arts competition together with SpongeBob and his friends! Can you win the title of Ocean Floor Supreme-Sea?

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Join the fantastic adventure of your Bikini Bottom friends in the enchanting Reef Rumble game! Enter the greatest martial arts championship in the underwater world together with SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward!

Your ultimate objective is to win the title of Ocean Floor Supreme-Sea! The competition is fierce, and this position is wanted by everyone! Are you prepared to do everything in your power to win the champion title?

How to Play

Choose between the Arcade and Tournament modes, and enter the underwater universe of martial arts! In Arcade mode, you get to choose the character that represents you, as well as his competitor. You can play several times to improve your fighting skills and prepare for the finale.

In Tournament mode, you can only choose your character, while your opponent is automatically selected. In this mode, you have to fight against all the other characters until the best one wins.

You might notice that each participant has a particular move that he can use to gain an advantage against his opponent. For example, SpongeBob dodges the attacks rather than blocking them, making crunching his featured move. On the other hand, Patrick repeals the assaults in a more old fashioned way.

To move your characters around the platform, use the Right, Left, and Up arrow keys. This way, you can also avoid the opponent's attacks. To block the incoming punches, press the Down arrow key! At the right moment, make sure to press the S key to kick and the A key to punch your enemy! Choose carefully, and be the one true champion!

Tips and Tricks

When you select your character for the fight, you will notice that only four options are available, while there are two more hidden by question marks. They are Lary the Lobster and Mr. Krabs, and the only way to unlock them is to complete Tournament mode. However, they can be seen throughout the game, poking fun at the competitors!

As mentioned before, every character features a specific power. The game also provides another type of special attack that works for every competitor. This attack can be used by pressing the following combination of keys: Down arrow, Left arrow, and the A key. Remember this quirk, and ensure that your hero is the supreme champion of the sea!

Moreover, there is a specific character that has an advantageous trick. If you choose Squidward, make sure to press both the Right and Left arrow keys and then hold the S key, so that he can cast his projectile. By doing this, you will easily win the game!

Also, don't forget to keep an eye on the clock! For every match, there is also a time limit. Use all your special attacks and tricks before you run out of time!

The suspense is high, as nobody knows who will be the supreme winner of the underwater martial arts competition. Help your Bikini Bottom friends prove to the entire Ocean that they are the best fighters!