The A-MAZE-ing Chase

Play the A-MAZE-ing Chase game and help the Nickelodeon characters find the exit! Walk around the maze, avoid the enemies, and find the way out!

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About The A-MAZE-ing Chase Game

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Join your favorite Nickelodeon characters in a wild chase on intricate maps in the A-MAZE-ing Chase game! Whether you walk around Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob or on the football field with Bella, you must find your way out of the chaos! Oh no! The mazes are full of dangerous enemies! Can you spot the exit door?

Your goal in this game is to find your way around the maze and leave it through the green door in record time! You cannot miss this game if you enjoy fun challenges and timed puzzles! As long as you focus and move quickly, nothing can stop you from reaching the exit!

How to Play

You only need your trusty keyboard to walk around the maze! Use the arrow keys to move in whatever direction you want, and avoid walking into any object (walls, seaweed, trash bags, etc.). The map has multiple rooms, so follow the arrows on the floor to figure out where the green door is!

Before starting the level, choose a favorite character from the Nickelodeon universe and their respective maps! For example, Sanjay and Craig will be in an arcade while Raphael brings you to the sewers. Each stage has three difficulties. Once you beat them all, you'll unlock the secret level!

Enemies are walking around every map, and you must avoid them at all costs! Be careful! Don't be in their line of sight, or they will notice and chase you quickly! If they touch you, you'll be zapped and stunned for a few seconds, which affects your time! Try to finish every level in record time and escape your foes and the maze!

Are you ready to help all your Nickelodeon friends find their way out of the dangerous mazes? Let's do this together!