Black Sun Siege

Test your strategy skills with Avatar: Black Sun Siege game. Defeat the tower guards and move your forces to the Plaza Tower to secure it! Good Luck!

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Are you a good strategist? Find out with Avatar Days of Black Sun: Black Sun Siege game! Join Aang and his friends on a new mission: taking over the Plaza Tower. Defeat the guards on your way to the Plaza. Think your moves through and move the pieces on the board accordingly!

You can choose your army's strength, this matters in the game, as it gives you the power of the element you wanted to defeat your enemy. Test your skills with this awesome game that enables you to use your brain and test your patience!

How to Play

First, you have to choose your army's strength: water, earth, or a mix of both? Then, you will be faced with a board of squadrons. Locate your targets (hint: they're red) and place your fighters next to them.

There are 9 squadrons you can give orders to. Pick where each member of your army goes into the blank spaces, depending on their skills. Once all of your units received their orders, click Confirm Commands. Move forward on the board until you reach the tower. Defeat the guards and seize the Plaza!

Water benders can freeze the targets. A frozen target cannot move for one move, so this gives you time to advance on the board. To use this power, click the Freeze button.

Water infantry doesn't have any special powers like water benders do, but they are quick on the battlefield. On the other hand, Earth benders can build stone walls in an empty space, which lasts for three moves. To use this power, click the Barricade button. Earth infantry are very resilient in the battlefield. Aang, the skillful Airbender, can conjure cyclons that damage nearby enemies. To use his power, press the Cyclone button.