Clash of the Benders

Challenge your opponent in a battle with Clash of the Benders game. Launch powerful attacks and win as many fights as you can to upgrade your character!

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About Clash of the Benders Game

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Show off your battleground strategies by winning fights in Avatar: The Last Airbender - Clash of the Benders game! Take a look at the Act List and choose a preferred tactic. Create the perfect plan to defeat your opponent. Try your best moves, combine them, and defend yourself against their attacks. Don't underestimate them! You never know who you're up against, so be careful.

Keep an eye on the health points, because if they're down to zero, you lost the game. After each battle, you have the chance to upgrade your character with the points you earned. Give it your best shot, Airbender!

How to Play 

You and your adversary will take turns. The arrow's position (either on you or your opponent's portrait) lets you know whose turn it is. Both you and your enemy's HUD will be displayed, and you can check the health points (in green) and chi points (in blue). Health points decrease when you are attacked, and if they go down to zero, the game is over. Chi points are needed to bend, and they reduce as you launch attacks on your opponent. 

Look through the Act List first and study the moves to decide which one to use in the battle. To use the techniques, just draw a straight or wavy line between Aang and your opponent. Apart from these impressive moves that you can use against the enemy, you can also use your chi points to heal yourself. Just draw a wavy line over your character. To defend your character, link the two dots with a straight line.

Play as many times as you want to gain points and upgrade your character skills, such as his attack strength or his defense value. Last but not least, check out your high score in the High scores tab.

Don't forget to have fun!