Bending Battle

Defeat Prince Zuko and his guards in Avatar: Bending Battle game! Team up with your friends, choose the attack mode and defend yourself from the enemies!

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About Bending Battle Game

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Can you defeat Prince Zuko and prove you are the best Airbender? Test your fighting skills in Avatar: Bending Battle game. Use the elements to beat Prince Zuko and his guards, but watch out for the fireballs they shoot at Aang. Protect him and launch attacks at the enemies to destroy them. Keep an eye on the energy bar at the bottom of the screen, don't let it run out or you will lose! Good luck, Airbender!

What this game has in store for you

Your main goal in the game is to defeat Prince Zuko. To do that, you will need to choose from the three attacks available on the left side of the screen. The first one is strong but slow, the second one is quick but less powerful, and the third one is a combination of the three.

Sometimes, these might not be enough to beat the enemies, but don't worry! Aang's friends, Appa, Sokka, and Katara come to the rescue! Appa helps distract the opponent so you can get back on your feet, while Sokka and Katara can use their powers to fight the warriors.

There is an exciting feature about this game that can help you defeat Prince Zuko: combos. You start as an Apprentice, so, as you rank higher, the combos will get stronger as well. For example, if you use the wind element three times in a row, your adversary will be hurt, and his energy levels will decrease.

Prince Zuko has many soldiers, so watch out for their attacks! Defend yourself with the help of Momo who predicts their next moves! Don't get discouraged if you don't defeat him from the first time, you can always try again! Check out the View Highscore board and see all your scores listed there.

Have fun!