Elemental Battles

Accept the challenge and become the new Avatar in the Elemental Battles game. Defeat the enemies, collect the golden coins, and save the village!

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Avatar Aang has a critical mission once again. You are the only one that can help him complete it. Join Aang in the Elemental Battles game for the adventure of your life and learn everything there is to know about the most powerful elements of this world. And most importantly, protect your clan and village before it is too late. 

The fire nation is up to no good again. But you have got what it takes to stop it from achieving its evil plans. Master your skills and do whatever you can to save your village and the people that you love. The most valuable thing of all is to master the elements and become the best bender in the world. 

Play as Aang, the Last Airbender. Attack your enemies and complete the levels as soon as you can. Defeat them to acquire more and more power. Once you have gained all that power, make sure you know how to use it. Do not consume it if it is not necessary.

Do you want to know how you can save the villagers? Do you want to become the hero of the story and protect the innocent? Then let’s proceed towards the adventure together!

You can defeat the Fire Nation!

The arrow keys will always be there for you to use. They will guide Aang towards success. The Left and Right arrow keys can be used for running. If you want your character to jump, press the Up arrow key. To block your enemy’s attack, click on the Down arrow key. The A, S, D and W keys can also be used instead of the arrow keys if you want to help Aang move around.

Quickly click and release the left button of the mouse to attack your evil enemies. Every time you attack, your power will increase. You will see your progress on the blue power meter. When this meter is full, just hold the mouse button pressed for Aang to use the power of the elements.

If you need help, you will always find it. Just make sure to search for the magical pads. Once you have found one, sit on it and get the help that you seek. Do not forget that the most essential skill of a bender is patience. So be patient and do not rush your attacks. Calculate every possibility and strike your opponent when he least expects it.

To finish one level, you will have to collect all of the golden tokens. It seems interesting, doesn’t it? You can be the one that saves the day and accepts the challenge. So what do you say? Do you feel prepared to be the next Avatar and bend the elements the way you want to?